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The future of healthcare is here

All together, we can responsibly unlock the value of health data and continuously optimize the algorithms of our health.

Sharecare is on a mission to harness the power of machine learning to inject intelligence into our products and unlock the value of our Sharecare ecosystem to support our mission to help millions of employees, plan members and patients better understand their health, optimize their benefits, address critical care gaps, and improve health outcomes while helping to lower the cost of care.

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From insights to actions

Our foundational AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities like cloud platforms and tools, data platforms, architecture, and governance put us in a unique position to scale outcomes and enhance our customers experiences.

The combination of our capabilities in analytics and machine learning are designed to turn data into actionable insights.


Our AI engine

Our core AI engine is a smart digital nervous system designed to give us the competitive advantage to capture signals on a flywheel at the core and at the edge of our organization to build and improve our models to continuously serve our stakeholders with augmentation and personalization in almost real-time. The continuous learning of our AI system goes hand in hand with the required domain expertise fueled with a multitude of parameters to fuel a dynamic and holistic view.


Responsible AI

Building and using AI responsibly is always the right thing to do. Our Sharecare core principles of responsibility, explanability, privacy, security, safety and inclusion are defining the framework in which ethical innovation and data dignity come first.

We are setting up an AI council at Sharecare to ensure our governance, policies and controls, tooling and training for our teams are in place to support the core principles we advocate for.


Talent and culture

The right combination of talent and culture is instrumental to use our powerful technologies responsibly. We spend a lot of time, effort, training and soul-searching to ensure our team is equipped to build a good representation of the algorithms of our health. Are you interested and want to make an impact? See what roles we are currently search for.


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This is our story, and this is why AI and deep tech matter in healthcare.

We give people the power to collect, own and train their own health data to generate models to help themselves and their communities in real-time using their phones all the while treating privacy as a first-class citizen.

We give people and organizations the tools and the choice to exchange learnings without moving the data: by breaking data silos you impact the quality and cost of care in real time.

We give organizations powerful data fluency tools to unlock the value on their data and generate actionable insights immediately using our Toniq platform.

We give organizations the dynamic environment that automates and scales security and compliance for a world that will soon count in yottabytes.

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