One-third of Medicare recipients diagnosed with Covid had to be hospitalized, and more than a quarter of that group died, according to federal data released Monday. The report, based on Medicare claims filed between January and mid-May, found that more than 325,000 beneficiaries were diagnosed with coronavirus and nearly 110,000 of them were hospitalized. And 28% of those who were hospitalized died, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Almost the same share went home Overall, there were nearly 525 cases per 100,000 Medicaid enrollees. But there were more than 1,100 cases per 100,000 Black enrollees, and nearly 700 diagnoses per 100,000 Hispanic recipients. The rate for Asian recipients was 450 and for Whites was 425 per 100,000. Those ages 85 and older had a rate of nearly 1,150 diagnoses per 100,000 enrollees, compared to roughly 350 per 100,000 among people aged 65 to 74 and 550 cases per 100,000 for people 75 to 84.