Several U.S. states reported new record-breaking coronavirus case counts over the weekend, as nationwide the death toll from COVID-19 surpassed 140,000 and President Trump insisted again that the virus would "disappear." States such as Florida, California and Kentucky were reporting record, or near-record numbers of new cases and in Texas, a hospital official told NPR that funeral homes and morgues were overflowing from the bodies of COVID-19 victims. Meanwhile, in a Fox News interview aired on Sunday, the president repeated an assertion he first made in late February that COVID-19 would "disappear" on its own, saying that his initial prediction would be proven correct. "I'll be right eventually," the president said in the interview with Fox's Chris Wallace. "I said it's going to disappear. I'll say it again: It's going to disappear — and I'll be right," he said. Asked by Wallace if such statements "discredit" him, Trump replied: "You know why it doesn't discredit? Because I've probably been right more than anybody else." However there was no indication that the disease would disappear anytime soon based on a snapshot of some of the nation's hot spots.