CBS News
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious diseases expert, is frustrated about the nation's inability to stop the continued spread of coronavirus, which he says is largely because Americans aren't following recommended health guidelines. "Clearly, we have not succeeded in getting the public as a whole, uniformly to respond in a way that is a sound scientific [response to a] public health and medical situation. I mean, it is clear because right now, you're seeing people throughout the country [contracting the virus]. And it's unfortunate. And it's frustrating," Fauci told CBS News Radio's Steven Portnoy in an interview Friday morning. And he blames the inconsistent public response for the recent "burst of infections." The problem isn't the guidance from local leaders. "In many states and cities, you have the leadership actually giving the right guideline instruction. But somehow, people for one reason or another, don't believe it or not fazed by it. And they go ahead and do things that are either against the guidelines that their own leadership is saying," Fauci said. He says he finds the increase in cases in states including Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma "disturbing." He noted that there's a certain anti-science trend in the country that may be contributing to the inconsistent public response to the advice of health experts. It's not a new phenomenon, Fauci says, but it has been intensified by the current moment.