CBS News
Following CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield's warning that a second wave of the coronavirus in the winter could be worse than the current outbreak, the FDA commissioner said the whole White House Coronavirus Task Force is concerned about a resurgence of the disease. Dr. Stephen Hahn said on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday that because of that possibility, surveillance and testing will be "critical." "Dr. Redfield's concern is that there also might be flu at the same time," Hahn said. "But that's why we have built into the plan the surveillance mechanisms to look for the respiratory illnesses and then do the appropriate testing at that time. That's going to be a critical part of the reopening plan to allow us to move forward." The United States is currently doing fewer than 200,000 new coronavirus tests per day, according to the COVID Tracking Project, but experts have said that number needs to at least double or triple for social distancing measures to be lifted safely.