Diabetes Solutions

End-to-end diabetes care

Providing a high-touch and high-tech approach to delivering optimal diabetes-related outcomes for providers, employers, and health plans.

Sharecare’s diabetes solutions are the first and only end-to-end turnkey diabetes care and glycemic management program. Our proven program enables healthcare organizations to deliver financial cost savings, exceed clinical and quality measures as well as yield positive outcomes for people living with diabetes. Over the last 35 years, Sharecare (formerly Diabetes Treatment Centers of America) has achieved commercial success in over 125 healthcare organizations and continues to deliver 250,000+ face-to-face diabetes interventions annually.

By assessing and developing a comprehensive strategy, Sharecare implements a unique diabetes program tailored to meet your target metrics. Our proprietary content, developed by clinical and operations specialists, ensures patient and professional education adheres to the latest standards of care and evidenced-based best practices. Coupled with FDA-cleared digital therapeutics for diabetes medication optimization, Sharecare’s diabetes solutions focuses on scaling people, processes and technology for optimal results.


of commercial success in over 125 healthcare organizations


face-to-face diabetes interventions annually


Annual ROI with a simple payback of 1.4 months for diabetes care and glycemic management services


Annualized per bed cost savings for health systems using Virtual Diabetes Clinic


combined average satisfaction rate among patients and providers

A better way to manage patients living with diabetes

The Sharecare Diabetes Solution integrates personalized high-touch interventions with high-tech products to improve the management of people living with diabetes across the care continuum. This patient-centered approach maximizes clinical and quality outcomes to produce financial longevity for healthcare organizations.

Diabetes Solutions

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) – Eat Right Now DPP

Eat Right Now DPP is a holistic 12-month digital program that helps participants make meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes. Approved by the CDC as part of the National DPP Lifestyle Change Program, our program was first to receive CDC approval of an alternate curriculum that combines the proven Prevent Type 2 approach with decades of research on effective and sustainable behavior change by neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist Dr. Judson Brewer, along with expertise from a team from Kaiser Permanente in Washington state researching safe, effective, and innovative ways to treat obesity.

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES)

With self-paced digital learning, Diabetes Education teaches patients how to effectively manage their diabetes. The program offers 10 modules with presentations, interactive lessons, videos, active learning, and knowledge self-check components.

Virtual diabetes care

in partnership with Onduo

Onduo offers diabetes tools, coaching and clinical support to help patients more easily take control of and receive care for type 2 diabetes.

Medical nutrition therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is delivered by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. This program is a comprehensive service that involves individualized nutritional assessments and group education. The program helps participants establish goals, nutrition plans, and supports behavior change. MNT and DSMES are complementary services and more effective when offered together.

DiaWEB platform

DiaWEB is an integrated, browser-based platform developed to support you in managing the infinite details, including comprehensive referral, participant, scheduling and program management tools providing real-time access to aggregate data for program evaluation, benchmarking and quality improvement.

Sharecare LEAD

With Sharecare LEAD, service providers can access a continuum of support resources for maximizing the growth and success of their business, including resources for promoting services, support videos, CE credit/professional development, face-to-face or telehealth learning and quality assurance.

Without a cohesive diabetes strategy, health systems are unable to effectively create and deliver value-based care models. Diabetes crosses various service lines but, historically, there has been a limited focus on the disease. The foundation of diabetes population health begins in the physician’s practice and expands across inpatient and outpatient settings, allowing for the evolution of care teams and aligned payor reimbursement. By standardizing diabetes management, patient quality and safety will improve – and ultimately, hospital and patient expenditures will be reduced.

Jeffrey Boord, Chief Quality and Safety Officer, Board Certified Endocrinologist, Parkview Health

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