Fertility, Pregnancy & Parenting

Better family planning

Sharecare and Ovia Health bring together tools and guidance to grow families, lowering risks and costs for all.

Safer pregnancies, healthier families

We offer holistic support before, during, and after pregnancy. So, women are more likely to conceive naturally. Births result in fewer complications for mom and baby. And parents adjust to changes at home and at work more successfully.

38 Million+

U.S. Births

13 Million+

Program Members


Increase in natural conception


Decrease in preterm
+ NICU births


Research partnerships
+ Publications

The journey starts
with successful pregnancy

Program enrollment

Our coaches and app engage participants early and often by offering encouragement and tracking progress.

Personalized health goals

Coaches and participants work together to set achievable goals that motivate action.

Frequent engagement

Our coaches and app engage participants early and often by offering encouragement and tracking progress.

Evidence-based education

Our platform proactively suggests tips, recipes, videos, and more content tailored to a participant’s health goals.

Health profile access

Coaches and participants work from the same data, from the start.

More effective disease management

Many people start their health journey with Sharecare already dealing with disease. Our coaching can still make a big difference in their well-being and your costs.

Holistic approach

We get to know the person and their life situation to tailor the program.

Range of conditions

From heart disease to diabetes to osteoarthritis to asthma, we cover a wide spectrum of today’s biggest health burdens.

Area of focus

We address challenges ranging from taking medication consistently to handling depression to reducing risk of an emergency room visit.

Registered nurses

Our coaches include intensively trained registered nurses ready to advise on a range of disease management issues.

Intensive intervention

Our 12-month program educates participants while tracking their progress toward better disease management.

NCQA Accreditation

We use disease management techniques you can trust

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