Digital therapeutics

Get active.
And have fun
while doing it.

Help your employees get healthier lifestyles and overall wellness by joining this innovative new program to encourage activity using the power of virtual reality to create physical activity and sustained engagement.

The problem

Health plans and employers are constantly seeking new ways to increase engagement and improve the health of their population. So they create well-being programs in an attempt to improve physical activity and movement. But unfortunately, these programs tend to see low utilization and seldom produce meaningful engagement.

Designed to harness
immersive power of

Sharecare’s Get Active program creates sustained engagement in physical activity for employees across many health and demographic backgrounds by enabling access to movement in an immersive, gamified virtual reality experience.

How it works


Eligible employees who enroll will receive a Meta Quest 2 VR headset, a free 3-month Supernatural subscription, and a guide to recommended movement apps in VR.


Your employees can use Meta Quest Move to count their activity minutes generated via the headset; and, with their consent, synchronize minutes worked out in VR to the Sharecare app. Sharecare provides multiple touchpoints throughout the program to drive sustained engagement. This program was designed with responsible data practices to protect participant privacy. 


Core program features

Sharecare has designed a new program to sustain engagement in physical activity to improve health outcomes across an employee population.

Immersive fitness

Experience a highly engaging program that transforms physical activity into an enjoyable activity. The programs combine community, goals, rewards, and fun VR experiences to enable “exercise by accident.”

Data integration

For the program, with member consent, Meta Quest Move stats are synced to Meta’s servers and then to the Sharecare app. Sharecare’s digital app keeps track of weekly and monthly goals to be eligible to receive rewards..

Powerful engagement

Dynamic features such as goals, leaderboards, and social experiences promote consistent engagement throughout the program. Focused re-engagement campaigns are deployed to optimize the member experience.

Robust reporting & insights

Monthly reports consist of total/average activity minutes, goals achieved, engagement rate, and qualitative metrics (NPS, sleep quality, enjoyment, etc.).

Case study:

Powerful outcomes

Sharecare partnered with a large employer to do a study with the Get Active program to improve physical activity and fitness of their high-risk employees. The program enrolled 250 employees into 2 cohorts; cohort 1 for high-risk individuals (e.g., sedentary, overweight, etc.) and cohort 2 for general population.

Cohort 1 (high-risk)

Cohort 2 (general population)

“The VR program is a great alternative to what I currently do as physical activity! It’s really interactive and great to do at home when I don’t have time to go to the gym.”

Program participant

I’m absolutely loving the VR activity. THANK YOU for sending the Oculus – I love this thing!!! I’m going to buy one for my wife now so she can start getting active!

Program participant

It is a nice situation to be in the beautiful virtual reality world exercising, makes you feel like you are on vacation.

Program participant

I have been enjoying the workouts. I feel more in shape and have more energy than I have in years.

Program participant

To encourage exercise, Sharecare will offer Meta Quest 2 devices to its employer-sponsored members. Sharecare will run the Get Active program on behalf of interested employer client partners, and members who are eligible will be able to choose whether to participate in it. Data from this program will not affect members’ health premiums or impact their health insurance claims in any way. Sharecare will not share program participants’ protected health information with Meta. Sharecare will not sell program participants’ personal information to Meta. While Sharecare will periodically send reports about program usage to Meta, such reports are non-identifiable and not tied to any individual Sharecare user or client population.For more information, please consult Sharecare’s privacy policy.

The Meta Quest 2 is not a medical device and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions and makes no representations regarding any healthy outcomes, results or benefits. All health-related statements are made solely by Sharecare, an independent company helping people manage their well-being. Meta Quest 2 is for ages 13+. Certain apps, games and experiences may be suitable for a more mature audience.

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