Coaching: Lifestyle & Disease Management

Live life to the healthiest

Our lifestyle and disease management coaching brings together expertise, empathy, and technology to move people forward in their health journey.

Credible. Customized. Cost effective.

Certified and experienced, our coaches remotely collaborate with participants to review their health profiles and set goals. The award-winning program only gets more personalized from there. The result? Participants adopt healthy habits, drop not-so-healthy ones, and manage diseases like diabetes successfully.


coaches and clinicians


publications proving results

30+ yrs

disease and chronic care experience


reduction in inpatient admissions


saved in managing disease


saved from healthier living


reduction in behavioral risk

Coaching for the digital age

Our health coaching works because it brings together the best in people, process, and technology. We identify good candidates for coaching and make signing up easy. Seasoned coaches build rapport with participants, create personalized programs, support participants with encouragement and evidence-based guidance, and track progress. All through the Sharecare platform.

Program enrollment

We proactively offer coaching to people at risk of developing or worsening a serious health condition.

Health profile access

Coaches and participants work from the same data, from the start.

Personalized health goals

Coaches and participants work together to set achievable goals that motivate action.

Frequent engagement

Our coaches and app engage participants early and often by offering encouragement and tracking progress.

Evidence-based education

Our platform proactively suggests tips, recipes, videos, and more content tailored to a participant’s health goals.

More effective disease management

Many people start their health journey with Sharecare already dealing with disease. Our coaching can still make a big difference in their well-being and your costs.

Holistic health

We get to know the person and their life situation to tailor the program.


Our coaches include intensively trained registered nurses ready to advise on a range of disease management issues.


Our 12-month program educates participants while tracking their progress toward better disease management.

Range of

From heart disease to diabetes to osteoarthritis to asthma, we cover a wide spectrum of today’s biggest health burdens.

Areas of

We address challenges ranging from taking medication consistently to handling depression to reducing risk of an emergency room visit.


We use disease management techniques you can trust.

NCQA WHP is a broad-based accreditation program for organizations that offer comprehensive wellness and health promotion services.

NCQA Disease Management is an accreditation program for organizations that provide comprehensive disease management programs that deliver a broad range of services for chronically ill or high-risk populations or provides disease management support services that supplement comprehensive disease management programs.

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