Improve motion and reduce pain

Together, Sharecare and Sword Health deliver  a musculoskeletal (MSK) program that keeps people on the move and your costs in check. 

Outcomes you can count on

Sword stands apart from all other digital MSK solutions by providing the most clinically rigorous program on the market. Metrics based on book of business outcomes and on members with moderate/severe scores at baseline.


members report pain reduction


reduction in surgery intent


decrease in medication


reduced depression


increase in productivity

Seamless integration for better movement

Sword’s approach with licensed DPTs + motion tracker sensors outperforms traditional, in-clinic physical therapy by 30%. 

Human connection

Every member is supported by a doctor of physical therapy 100% of the time.

FDA-listed technology

The Sword wearable motion trackers and video capture are FDA-listed medical devices capturing high-quality bio-motion data on every exercise, for every joint.

Personalized programming

Physical therapists interact with members 3-4 times per week, tailoring the program to members’ needs.

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