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Sharecare Windows is an award-winning globally recognized producer of original HD and VR relaxation and wellness videos, empowering viewers to find stillness and peace in their everyday life. Sharecare Windows’ video library is specifically curated to include five specialty categories containing with hundreds of hours of relaxation, spiritual, meditation, sleep and background video programming.

Transformational videos for mind, body and spirit

Clinical usage has shown Sharecare Windows’ videos to be effective in reducing intrusive noise levels, encouraging healthy sleep patterns and reducing stress.

Sharecare Windows on demand

Relaxing HD videos available anytime, anyplace, on any device. Access Sharecare Windows on any of these platforms:

Sharecare Films

Sharecare Windows videos have screened at over 170 film festivals around the world and garnered 42 awards from Best Eco Film to Best Cinematography to Best Short. Facing some of the best filmmakers in the world, we are humbled and honored to have our videos selected by the festivals below

Since 2005, Sharecare Window’s HD programming and specialty video production has transported viewers to a wide realm of exotic locales around the world.

Always seeking a new and unique perspective, Sharecare Window’s team of filmmakers carefully scout locations to capture breathtaking images that simulate the experience of actually being in that very place—at that very time. Videos filmed in HD and 4K are accompanied by naturally occurring background sounds in nature resulting in spectacular images that engage, relax and entertain.


Healing videos for rest and relaxation

With change and uncertainty defining the healthcare landscape, one core operating principle is more essential than ever—successful hospitals must demonstrate a culture and a commitment to provide a comforting environment and optimal experience for patients and families. Hospitals can be noisy, disruptive, and stressful with tests, clinical conversations, and up to 20 staff visits a day per room. Patients are often lonely, scared, and confused.

That’s why over 500 hospitals choose Sharecare Windows as part of an integrated content strategy to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and accelerate efforts to reduce noise and create a restful and peaceful environment. With five carefully selected categories of relaxation, inspiration and sleep focused videos, Sharecare Windows partner hospitals have seen proven results and enhanced reimbursements.

The use of relaxation videos helps patients relax before and after therapy sessions, aids sleeping, and helps reduce hospital noise in the patient room. Although there are several styles and brands of relaxation content available, none meet the quality, selection, and cost that The Window Channel offers its clients. The high-definition scenic videos are enjoyed by both patients and families alike.

Kevin Meek, VP Patient Care Services/Clinical Operations, Adeptus Health

The Window Channel’s HD content displays beautifully on our high definition televisions throughout all 563 beds in our hospital. Our patients and staff find it provides a key element to our goal in creating a comfortable, soothing environment ideal for healing.

Chuck Podesta, SVP and Chief Information Officer, The University of Vermont Medical Center

An important part of our interactive television offerings, The Window Channel contributes significantly to the creation of positive, memorable experiences for our patients and their families. The Windows Channel’s unique and creative programming, filled with beautiful and engaging sights and sounds, contributes to a relaxing and positive environment. The positive feedback that we have received reinforces our decision to feature The Window Channel.

Mark L. Hazelwood, President, Mark Hazelwood & Associates


Relaxation and mindfulness videos for your guests

Creating transformational digital imagery since 2005, Sharecare Windows is the leading producer of original HD video, VR and in-room entertainment for some of the world’s premier tourism destinations and properties. Our original programming engages viewers, attracting high-end guests to luxury brands and destinations and delivering the ultimate amenity—inspiration.

For 30 years the world’s leading destinations and brands, including St. Regis Hotels, W Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Taj Hotels and Mandarin Oriental Hotels have relied on Sharecare Windows’ high-quality HD video and VR to enhance guest satisfaction and create repeat guests.

With a library consisting of 175 titles and 235 hours of original programming we have a solution for your Spa, In-Room, Food and Beverage outlets, Public Spaces and your younger guests. We also produce custom tours of your property to attract new visitors and meeting planners.

  • Spa programming includes extensive yoga, guided meditation, yoga music, breathing techniques, and relaxing ambient backgrounds.
  • In-Room programming includes ambient backgrounds, soothing nature relaxation and our comprehensive sleep programming guaranteeing your guest will get their best nights’ sleep between your sheets.
  • Food and Beverage programs include our immensely popular “Cocktail Hour” featuring smooth Jazz and upbeat popular music accompanied by spectacular video from around the world.
  • Public space and Social Events programming include a wide variety of nature video, and background ambience to choose from.
  • For younger guests we offer Kids World, relaxation video created especially for guests ages 2-12 with a variety of engaging and interesting visuals-perfect for your kids club or in-room.

Sharecare Windows 360° and VR Video

Sharecare Windows is also one of the leading innovators of high-quality, original VR and 360 video technology, having created totally immersive VR content used in both the healthcare and hospitality industries.


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