Safely manage return-to-work for your organization

Although the goal of enabling employees to get back to work is quite clear, the path for getting there is less so.

This is a “new” journey.
Be better together.

To be successful in this new era, we have to create a new culture of sharing care with a goal of building resilience and fostering longevity. Sharecare has a unique vantage point on this pandemic. Over the last eight years, Sharecare has built the framework, resources and infrastructure to be able to support such a massive shift in our community and help bring our employees back to work. We have been rapidly mobilizing our platform to provide our customers with the COVID-19 management tools they need most (e.g., COVID-19 screener, telehealth support/integration, geolocation of testing sites, daily symptom tracker and more) to support their populations during this pandemic.

A structured approach for a confident return.

A successful return-to-work strategy requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution that is narrowly focused on a particular testing protocol. Sharecare’s digital solution addresses the emotional, educational, clinical and operational challenges introduced by this pandemic that is adaptable to evolving regulatory guidance, clinical guidance and product innovation.

Built upon the backbone of Sharecare’s well-being engagement platform, our readiness solution is divided into three distinct areas of focus:


Assessment & Triage

Assess the risk, readiness and receptiveness of employees to return to work and direct them to the right resources.

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Testing & Tracking

Outline the procedures and protocols that ensure employees are screened, tested and actively tracked. Iterate as needed.

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Provide the support needed to ensure workers are staying informed and managing COVID-19-related-health effects, like stress and anxiety.

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Sharecare has a unique vantage point on this pandemic as we’ve spent nearly a decade building the infrastructure and resources to support massive shifts in population health and community well-being.

Jeff Arnold,
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO,


COVID-19 Readiness:

Assessment & Triage

Assess the risk, readiness, and receptiveness of employees to return to work and direct them to the right resources.

Get ahead of the curve

Sharecare’s suite of assessment and triage tools are essential for organizations that need to:

  1. Understand the current health status of employees and the rate of infection in areas where they live and work
  2. Help their employees determine whether they may have COVID-19 or were possibly exposed
  3. Triage the employees based on their screening results to the right resources

These tools provide employers with a real-time perspective across their organization as to the overall health and safety of their workforce and give employees confidence they are returning to a safe work environment.

Readiness survey

In partnership with Dr. Sandro Galea from Boston University’s School of Public Health, Sharecare launched a comprehensive survey, completed by more than 115K people, to understand participants’ knowledge, ability, and preparedness to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharecare provides your organization with survey to assess knowledge of COVID-19 symptoms and measures to protect society, willingness to resume activities and what people are looking for to feel safe at work.

COVID-19 conversational screener

Sharecare’s COVID-19 chatbot screener help individuals identify symptoms, exposure, and risk related to COVID-19. The screener is built as a dynamic COVID-19 consult with an algorithm based on the latest clinical guidelines from the CDC, WHO and other major medical organizations, as well as primary research studies from medical literature, to provide accurate and actionable “next steps” guidance.

Telehealth visits

Enabling employees to connect directly with a licensed medical provider conveniently and safely is a key component of any return-to-work plan. These visits can assist with direct COVID-19-related issues, including ordering tests and reviewing results. Sharecare offers a HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution to providers, enabling “on-demand” visits to assist with employees that need or want to be triaged to a physician.

Case Study: Sharecare and the Atlanta Police Foundation

The Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) and Sharecare have collaborated to provide Atlanta Police Department Personnel with direct, on-demand access to board-certified emergency medicine physicians for real-time COVID-19 screening and testing referrals. Available for free to all Atlanta Police Department sworn officers, Sharecare Virtual Care is an easy-to-use, secure telehealth solution that empowers people to safely and conveniently address their urgent healthcare needs related to COVID-19.

Employers can do more to improve community health by focusing on strategic social risk factors that impact their workforce and their families to improve the well-being of their people as well as their organizations.

Michael Thompson,
President and CEO,
National Alliance of Healthcare
Purchaser Coalitions


COVID-19 Readiness:

Testing & Tracking

Conduct testing and track the overall health of employees across the organization to ensure a safe return to work.

Welcome employees back, safely and confidently

Because every organization is unique, it is important to build a return-to-work program that can adapt and evolve over time. Different businesses, industries, geographies, and sometimes departments will operate at different paces. Sharecare’s testing and tracking solution provides a decision framework founded on real-world-tested, clinically-validated, information to help organizations move forward with confidence.

These tools provide employers with a clinical basis to inform decisions about the current and ongoing safety and readiness of a worksite reopening.

Daily screening & worksite re-entry solutions

Sharecare’s return-to-work solution includes digital and onsite physical capabilities organizations need to ensure employees are healthy. Sharecare’s digital symptom tracker is designed to help users monitor and record symptoms related to COVID 19 by asking a few questions. When combined with a broader screening and testing program, temperature checks can be a vital way to help curb the spread of COVID-19 at worksites.

COVID-19 testing

An effective testing program will be the backbone of any return-to-work strategy. Continually monitors and updates testing options as new information, locations or tests become available, Sharecare’s testing solution is designed to provide organizations with all sanctioned and credible testing options that are available.

Employee certification

Sharecare’s employee certification tool provides a convenient, private, and secure certificate confirming a person’s diagnostic PCR, antigen, and/or antibody test results. The certificates are displayed within the Sharecare app and can be color-coded to represent different risk levels based on test results, with explicit consent provided for Sharecare to obtain test results from an accredited health system or lab.

Case Study: Sharecare and the State of Georgia

Augusta University announced a partnership with Sharecare, the state’s official wellness vendor. Through the Well-Being Georgia website, Sharecare will help members of the State Health Benefit Plan access vital tools and resources to keep their families safe and sound. This website drives traffic to the AU Health ExpressCare app for free virtual COVID-19 screenings, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The collaboration between Augusta University and Sharecare is vital as we work to test as many Georgians as possible. Through partnerships with the private sector and academia, our state has made strong progress in the fight against COVID-19.

Gov. Brian P. Kemp,
State of Georgia


COVID-19 Readiness:


Tools and resources that foster a culture of resilience by addressing the emotional, physical and financial challenges that many employees will encounter as they return to work.

Foster a culture of resilience

Employees returning back to the worksite will find themselves in a different place, both literally and figuratively. To be successful with this transition, organizations must instill a culture of resilience. Think of resilience as an organization’s capacity to anticipate and react to change, not only to survive, but also to evolve. It’s less about being able to predict every possible outcome and more about being flexible enough to respond when and in the ways needed.

They will naturally shift their focus from the more immediate and personal COVID-related health issues that initially pre-occupied their thoughts, to their physical surroundings and emotional state-of-mind. They may also find themselves feeling a heightened sense of anxiety about the lack of familiarity in a place that was once predictable and stable.

Sharecare’s interactive COVID-19 map

Sharecare created a multi-dimensional interactive map that measures and monitors the progression of COVID-19 cases across the country, down to a county-by-county basis. Leaders and interested employees will be able to toggle between map views and data visualizations to help make sense of complex data sets.

Managing anxiety

Before COVID-19, stress was the #1 workplace health issue. The COVID-19 pandemic has served to both heighten the importance and increase the urgency of the issue. Mental health, specifically anxiety, is a complex medical issue requiring serious, purpose-built tools backed by proven science. Sharecare’s Unwinding Anxiety program can help address your organization’s challenges with anxiety.

Financial protection

One of the most acute sources of stress related to COVID-19 is financial worry. For employees returning to work, they may take comfort in the fact that they continue to have a job and earn a wage. Sharecare’s financial care package provides employers with protection solutions that add value to employees at no cost to the organization.

Reporting and analytics

Privacy and security is very important to Sharecare, especially when it comes to personally identifiable health information. While individual members own their own data, it is also important for employers and health plans to better understand their populations at large. Sharecare provides in-depth, real-time, and actionable monthly reporting analytics providing clients with de-identified, aggregate insights on the outcomes of the population. Dashboards can be segmented by health condition, geography, demographics, and other segmentation tactics specific to each client.

Sharecare–tying it all together

Sharecare remains committed to helping employees, employers, providers, health plans, governments, business leaders, communities and individuals across the U.S. and around the globe live their best lives possible. Our core mission remains as true now as it did pre-COVID-19:

The Sharecare platform provides each person—no matter where they are in their health journey—with a comprehensive and personalized health profile so that they can dynamically and easily connect to the information, evidence-based programs, and health professionals they need to live their healthiest, happiest, and most productive life.

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