How Hep C Can be Cured:

An Interactive Guide

An Interactive Look at Hep C Treatment

When Margot found out her Mom had developed liver cancer from her Hepatitis C, she admits she wasn’t thinking much of her own Hep C diagnosis — after all, she didn’t have any symptoms. But after watching her mom succumb to the disease, Margot decided to take action to cure her own once and for all. Follow Margot’s journey in this in-depth interactive video to learn what causes Hep C, how the liver is affected and more!



Questions When Starting Hep C Treatment

What you and your healthcare provider need to know in order to give you the best chance of successfully treating hep C.

Hep C: Give Yourself the Best Chance of Being Cured

Follow these strategies to give yourself the best chance of success with hep C treatment.

3 Ways to Overcome Hepatitis C Stigma

The stigma surrounding hep C may prevent some people from seeking the treatment they need to be cured. Watch this video to learn what you can do to change perspective about hepatitis C.