Interactive Patient Journey:

Overcoming Chronic Migraine

Patient Journeys: An Interactive Look at Living With Chronic Migraine

Heloisa started having migraines at age 7 and experiences an average of 25 migraines each month. Hear the inspiring story of how she deals with the painful symptoms and unpredictability of chronic migraine. Learn what she wants everyone to know about the condition that she and many others live with. As you watch, click on the interactive hotspots for more information about chronic migraine.



Interactive Doctor Discussion Tool

Have a more productive conversation with your healthcare provider about your migraines or cluster headaches with this helpful interactive doctor discussion tool.

Bowls filled with grains
Diet Tips for Headache Relief

In addition to working with a doctor, relieving and preventing headache pain might require some changes to your diet.

Woman touching side of head with both hands
An Untreated Migraine Now Could Mean Chronic Migraines Later

If you are not receiving adequate migraine treatment, you could be putting yourself at risk for more headache days.