Accelerating decentralized real-world research

Today, anyone with a smartphone can contribute to pioneering clinical research. By using all components of smartphones — from voice and text to pictures and video — our remote clinical research solution allows more participants to engage more easily and deeply while generating powerful, AI-forward data.

Taking clinical research to the real world

Smart Omix is our decentralized smartphone-based solution for real-world research. An all-in-one scalable solution, Smart Omix empowers researchers across the pharma and life science industries to build, launch, manage and analyze clinical studies. With a participant-centric mobile app to gather patient reported and generated data, it has never been easier to gather real-world evidence.

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Streamlining recruitment

Use Sharecare’s digital channels to invite participants from across 200+ different conditions to participate in decentralized studies. Sharecare’s Real-Time Profiling Engine has proven efficiency to recruit a diverse and specific group of participants who want to contribute to research at scale. Learn more.

Ensuring diversity and health equity

Using our award-winning Community Well-Being Index, we enable higher quality research related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our robust framework takes demographic coverage, social risk factors, and well-being into account. Learn more.

Connecting research to care

We accelerate applying research to real life care through digital therapeutics like smoking cessation and weight loss. And we can help you do the same. Together, we can create a virtuous feedback loop for your patients. Learn more.

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Harness the power of real-world evidence

Pharma and life sciences

Leverage Smart Omix to conduct pioneering, next-generation smartphone-based clinical research across your pipeline. Accelerate development, enrich data, and empower your brand with actionable insights. Learn more.


Supercharge your real-world research. Leverage Sharecare Clinical Research to collect rich data within your health system. Learn more.

Digital therapeutics

Enrich your understanding of target markets and users with Sharecare Clinical Research. Augment your market research, consumer health and post-marketing surveillance with real-world data. Learn more.

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