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The support you need to ensure the care they deserve.

Let Sharecare alleviate the administrative burden required for the timely, secure delivery of your various patient forms.

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Solving patient and provider challenges

Filling out forms for disability or family leave is crucial for patients seeking vital benefits. However, healthcare providers face challenges due to the time-sensitive nature of FMLA and Disability Forms. These forms, while necessary, can shift attention away from the primary focus of the practice team – patient care. Staff shortages intensify this challenge, creating further stress in an already demanding environment. Additionally, the lack of standardized forms from various insurance companies or employers hinders full automation, requiring a significant time commitment for completion.

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Sharecare’s solution: Driving support for your patients and staff with simple, streamlined processes.

By outsourcing your forms process to Sharecare, your staff can refocus on patient care, ensuring patient satisfaction and greater attention to other high-priority aspects of your revenue cycle. Our innovative approach simplifies the complexities of diverse forms while integrating seamlessly into your current workflows, reducing administrative headaches and operational costs.

Sharecare’s FMLA/disability forms completion process

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Request received via Online Submission Portal.

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Form is completed by highly trained Forms Specialists within 1-2 business days.

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Patient is notified that form is ready and payment is required prior to delivery.


Upon receipt of payment, a Quality Check is conducted, and provider signature affixed.

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The completed form is delivered to recipient within 1 business day.

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The client can view and extract all completed forms within the Sharecare Gateway.

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Enhancing patient experience with Sharecare

Healthcare providers who choose Sharecare for forms completion services experience competitive turnaround time (TAT), minimizing patient delays, enhancing satisfaction, and prioritizing positive care outcomes.

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A straightforward submission process

Our online submission tool uses simple, clear language in a user-friendly interface to gather the information required to complete the form accurately and precisely. Mobile-optimized submission platforms ensure accessibility and compatibility with assistive technologies.

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Full workflow transparency

The Sharecare Request Gateway provides 24/7 visibility into the status of all forms completion requests associated with your practice.

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Quick turnaround with flexible support options

We provide a variety of partnership options to support your organization’s unique needs, locally and globally. When teamed with our Certified ROI Specialist team and industry-leading quality processes, you can be confident that your patients’ forms will be filled out accurately, securely, and on time.

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Entirely electronic

All forms are processed and delivered electronically (unless a paper copy is requested) using industry-leading security protocols, and your patients are notified by email of the progress of their document from the moment the request is made until the document is completed.

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