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Medical Record Services

Optimize your clinical data exchange one record at a time.

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Providers today face a wide variety of information landscapes and challenges. Currently, there are over 600 EMR systems with varying levels of interoperability and health information exchange effectiveness. Moreover, over 70% of medical information is shared via fax, which must be sent and stored securely. These challenges can be compounded by staffing shortages and ever-changing regulations.

With Sharecare, you can manage healthcare records more easily, efficiently, and reliably. Our integrated suite of services simplifies workflows and improves the accurate transfer of clinical data, so your staff is free to focus on patient satisfaction and other high-priority areas of the revenue cycle.

Industry challenges


of medical information is exchanged via fax


different sources of clinical information the average healthcare system receives every 48 hours


of medical practices experience unexpected, short bursts of intense back-office work

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Sharecare, the new generation of medical record support

Whether for release of information, referrals, bulk transfers, or data entry, Sharecare ensures secure, compliant, and timely handling of medical data. Our solutions help to free up your staff’s time, reduce operational costs, and maintain positive relationships with referring physicians.


Clinical Document Routing

Our Sharecare experts organize and route documents sent via fax to Health Information Management (HIM) Departments or provider offices, covering a range of records, including record requests, lab reports, referrals, and more. We ensure the documents are indexed and routed within one business day, preventing delays and reducing work backlogs. By partnering with Sharecare, practices that receive100 faxes weekly can save up to 400 administrative hours each year.

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Telephonic Intake Services

Sharecare offers a simple solution for managing all incoming requests for Release of Information (ROI). By routing requests through our centralized call center, you can simplify the process and reduce the workload of your staff. Our representatives act as an extension of your team, handling and prioritizing all requests, providing callers with updates on their status, and guiding them to our online ROI portal for easy submission. We not only manage new requests but also ensure their accurate entry into both your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and, if necessary, your ROI vendor’s system.

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Data Entry

Our Sharecare experts manage all aspects of monitoring and entering incoming paper and faxed Release of Information (ROI) forms into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Our process is customizable to fit your workflow, allowing you to decide how and where we access these forms.This ensures that your access to critical medical records is not disrupted and that the process is accurate and prompt.

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Chart/Appointment Preparation

We ensure that your patient’s medical records are readily available in their chart before their scheduled appointment so that you have a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s health history without tying up your staff chasing down records. To obtain external patient records, our experts use a thorough retrieval process, which includes contacting providers through multiple contact points.

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Referral Management

Our Sharecare experts manage the streamlined transfer of medical records back to a referred patient’s physician after their visit, promoting a comprehensive and collaborative approach to healthcare. We monitor the appointment list to check for referring provider information, add them to the EMR, and then send applicable patient records to the referring provider after the appointment, guaranteeing that crucial patient information is readily available to the entire care team.

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Bulk Record Transfer

Sharecare makes it easy to transfer large volumes of medical records resulting from a significant practice change, such as physician departure or arrival, system migration, practice closure, or insurance termination with optimal efficiency, compliance, and security. We will securely store and transfer records in compliance with all regulations, offering peace of mind regarding the confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

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