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The new generation of release of information (ROI)

Partnering with Sharecare ensures the highest quality, compliance, and transparency in release of information to drive patient, provider, and requester satisfaction.

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Why is release of information (ROI) so important?

The process of sharing patient health information can be extremely challenging. There are over 600 EMR systems with varying levels of interoperability, and while 96% of hospitals and 78% of physician offices have adopted one of them [citation], that still leaves some who haven’t. Missing or incomplete medical records can delay claims-based revenue, postpone FMLA and disability benefits, interrupt court cases, and frustrate overworked providers and staff needing the correct information to provide optimal continuity of care for their patients. When combined with the increased requests for records from both commercial and government payors, it can become overwhelming.

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Sharecare’s Release of Information (ROI) Solution

Managing your patients’ protected health information (PHI) is a time-consuming yet essential back-office task. However, with Sharecare’s Release of Information solution, healthcare providers can leverage over 30 years of experience in health information management and our highly trained ROI experts to securely and efficiently fulfill record requests from a myriad of third-party requesters in compliance with HIPAA regulations. This enables staff to focus on other high-value revenue cycle priorities and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Additionally, outsourcing your ROI to Sharecare means your organization benefits from streamlined daily processes and reduced operational expenses.

By the numbers


Best in KLAS: Release


medical records processed annually


breach avoidance rate


of our team is trained and certified as ROI Specialists


years of HIM experience

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Technology with a human touch

Sharecare drives industry-leading results by putting people at 
the core of everything we do and ensuring our team acts as an extension of your own. Our processes adapt to yours, making 
it easy to modify them to fit your changing needs, and our technology augments our staff’s extensive skills and expertise. Using queue-based processing and AI-based detection of possible quality control issues for human analysis, we ensure 
the correct records are released to the proper requester – and 
no one else.

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Flexible service models

Sharecare offers flexible service models and intuitive self-service client and requester capabilities, which can help you improve patient satisfaction and tailor workflows to support your organization’s unique needs. You can choose from on-site ROI service, centralized remote service, or a combination of both to easily access your records while leveraging Sharecare’s dynamic technology to drive scalable organizational success.

Mitigate risk with optimized security and compliance

Our highly trained Certified Release Information Specialists (CRIS) ensure that every record we touch has been reviewed and is in compliance with strict protocols to protect patient PHI, contributing to our 99.999% breach avoidance rate. We ensure our processes reflect the most up-to-date associated federal and state-level regulations and requirements partnered with a multi-step compliance quality check to ensure every precaution is taken to protect the medical record.

Delivering industry-leading quality results

Sharecare’s multi-step breach avoidance process

Quality percentage/annual releases99%99.5%99.9%99.99%99.999%

We treat each patient’s medical record as if it were our own

Sharecare’s security program

Security program

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Sharecare’s ROI tools

With the Sharecare Request Gateway, your staff has 47 on-demand access and full transparency to review chart requests, see patient authorizations, status updates, and request history, including records as delivered. Additionally, the gateway is customizable, allowing you to set permissions that govern which data individual users can see.

Sharecare’s Request Submission Tool is a user-friendly patient tool optimized to gather the required information and identification to fulfill a patient’s medical records request compliantly and in adherence with the Patient Right of Access laws. Equipped with pop-up help to clarify medical terms, multiple language options (English and Spanish), and assistive technology compliant with the ADA, Section 08, and WCAG, your patients can submit requests with ease.

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