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Innergy Healthier Weight by Sharecare is a high-touch, personalized solution proven to sustain weight loss.

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of Americans age
20 & older are
overweight or obese

Focusing on the person, not just weight

Innergy applies the protocol and science to assess and compare the effectiveness of weight loss interventions that could be used in primary care practices to help obese patients with one or more risk factors, helping participants lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way over 24 months.

Innergy Expected Results
Clinically meaningful weight loss
averaging 5% or greater across the
enrolled population
Improvement in weight-related behavior patterns, such as physical activity, healthy eating and confidence in health self-management
An ROI range of 2.9 to 3.3 over the first two years of the program from lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism and improved productivity
Unparalleled, sustained
participant engagement and
program satisfaction

Sustained Results

Innergy focuses on three critical phases — active weight loss, maintenance and independence — to ensure long-lasting behavior change. Participants develop a long-term, healthy relationship with weight management that fits their lifestyle and leads to sustained results.

Personalized Guidance

Each participant partners with a Healthy Weight Coach, who serves as a health education resource. The coach helps the participant understand personal habits and behaviors around weight loss; uncover social, emotional and psychological barriers to weight loss; and establish a healthier and long-term approach to losing weight.

Clinically Driven Approach

Sharecare works closely with leading weight loss and obesity researchers and physicians to incorporate current best practices into our program. Coaches use techniques grounded in social cognitive theory, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, which have been shown to produce significant positive behavior change, particularly with weight loss and maintenance.

Sustain a healthier weight with Innergy

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