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Drive measurable results for brands

With a suite of products that spans the health journey, and precision targeting fueled by the largest database of first-party, self reported health information, Sharecare is able to help patients more effectively manage their health while driving awareness, engagement, and proven conversion for brand partners.

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Actively engaged in improving health outcomes

Sharecare has aggregated the best health management assets into an integrated health technology platform – delivering measurable results for brands.

Personalized content

Sharecare provides patients with the most relevant, expert content and resources based on their health profiles

Award-Winning Videos

The largest original video library in health with an Emmy Award winning in-house production team

Proprietary profiling

Data-driven solutions fueled by over 100 questions on the RealAge test and on-going real time profiling and behavioral tracking

Groundbreaking Technology

360o medical animation, interactive tools, medicine reminders, and more

Best in-class partnerships & kols

Partnerships with hundreds of leading health organizations and medical expert contributors

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Customized, scalable programs designed around brand KPIs

Better health outcomes


Engage the right audiences at the right time


Provide resources to keep patients adherent


Empower patients towards better health outcomes


Analyze ROI, audience quality, awareness, engagement, and conversion

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Sharecare’s consumer solutions drive awareness, education and conversion for brands.

Editorial Destinations

100% SOV editorial destinations providing comprehensive condition education and resources aligning your brand with our award winning expert content.

  • Condition Education Center
  • Visualizing Health Center
  • Rare Disease Resource Center
  • Brand Education Center
  • Celebrity Health Expert Center (Featuring Dr. Oz or Dr. Gupta)
  • Brand Education Center
  • The Doctor Oz Show TV-to-Digital Integration

Data Driven Media Solutions

1st Party Audience Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting.

  • Premium Display and Pre-Roll
  • Off-Network Member Reach
  • Condition Amplification and Retargeting
  • Programmatic Solutions

Direct Response and Email Solutions

Drive efficient actions among targeted members.

  • Lead Generation
  • Performance Display
  • Member Marketing Email Series
  • Condition Takeovers

Program Amplification

Increase engagement with customized program add-ons.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Events
  • Printed Collateral
  • Original Video Content
  • PR Strategy
  • Support Resources
  • Native Brand Integration

Sharecare by the numbers

The effectiveness behind our products lies in the research and engineering that makes them possible. The variety of offerings provides proven ways to help you live a healthier life.

RealAge assessments taken
Data points of individual health
Partner Organizations, including hundreds of leading health organizations
Consumers in our database
Emails sent annually
Conditions covered in-depth
Pieces of content across answers, videos, articles, slideshows, assessments, and health guides
Social media following
Physician profiles
Original editorial videos – the largest library in health
Contributing health experts
*Results from a target group of 25 employers
**From 2010-2015
***2004 Savings

Drive measureable results for your brand

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