elderly woman using a laptop and sitting on the couch
elderly woman using a laptop and sitting on the couch
Sharecare Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is now available virtually

The time is now to take control of your health.

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Ornish Lifestyle Medicine brings about life-changing results by helping participants adopt and sustain lifestyle changes to re-take control of their health.

How it works

Participants attend 18 four-hour sessions over 9 weeks with a small, consistent groups of peers. Each session is led by a team of clinicians, covering four elements:

Stress management
Discover a range of techniques to relax, release stress, and react in a healthy way
Participate in supervised exercise and strength training
Learn skills to develop a whole foods plant-based lifestyle
Group support
Give and receive emotional support while connecting with peers

Program benefits

During the 9-week program, participants see improvements in their health

*Data from over 13,000 graduates


decrease in BMI


reduction in angina


reduction in LDL cholesterol


improved exercise capacity


improvement in depression scores